Power Bank
  It is a very precision battery kit. The concept of designing the kit is considered by pursuing environmental
  protection from the earth. In addition, its convenience,reliable and safety are also important.

It fits for diverse products within 10A which need the power. Integrating other products to upper, lower voltage

  and change frequency (3.7V~220V),this design andfunction can supply power with various saving tool together
  during emergency situation.
  Power is important to human being. Try to image the inconvenience when no power from electronic device in
  outdoor and terrible outcome during disaster. Basically,it is a required equipment to every family with above
  Spec of battery
  Name: Li-Ion Super Power Bank
  Description:Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery
  Capacity: 10.0A (Nominal capacity)
  Voltage: 14.4V (Nominal voltage) 16.8V (Maximum voltage) 10.0V (Minimum voltage)
  Weight:1.2 Kgs
  Dimension:190mm x 90mm x 40mm
Function 1. Inspect battery’s status.
  2. Automatic showing from battery’s working status
  3. Automatic showing from battery’s recharge status
1. Suit to notebook computer or laptop10.8V~14.4V power supply Continuous workable time 6~12hours
2. Collocate with transformer is allowed.Apply for all sorts of 3.7V~14.4V 3C products like mobile phone, MP4, iPod,
3. Supply power to the electronic productsat the same time.
4. Supply power to the Marine GPS, intercom systems and such marine electrical equipment during normal and
  emergency situation.
5. Can be Collocated with frequency conversion unit Apply for 110V~220V General household appliance.For
  example: Induction cooker、fan、television.
6. Providing emergency start to vehicles by connecting positive power to negative power At the moment, the
  voltage and current from batterywill flow into the vehicle so that it comes to recharge status.After 20~40 minutes,
  the vehicle can be started.
7. Can be collocated with solar panel to recharge.Under such theory, the battery will form an unfailing and recycle
  power supplying chain.
8. Suit to facility from outdoor activity.For example: searchlight of cruise ship、electronic electric facility、reeled
  equipment of fishing、light of bike etc.,